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Elastomer Seal (TPE)
Elastomer Seal (TPE)
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TPE Seal. Elastomer Seal Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer Function: Fixed Seal. Dust Seal. Soundproof Seal. Anti-collision Strips Scope: Broken Bridge Aluminum Doors and Windows. Plastic doors and windows. Aluminum doors and windows Properties: corrosion resistance. High pressure resistant to wear samples or spot: free samples can be sent.

Product performance: has a good shock absorption. Anti-compression. Electrical insulation. Rigidity
Thermoplastic Elastomer TPE is a rubber with high elasticity. High strength. High resilience. Also has the characteristics of plastic processing. With environmentally friendly non-toxic safety. Wide range of hardness. Has excellent coloring. Soft touch. Weatherability. Resistance Fatigue and temperature resistance. The use of temperature minus 60 degrees to zero on the 130 degree range. Good corrosion resistance. Hygienic non-toxic. Can be made transparent products. Product color easy. Nearly 10 years. Electronic appliances. Communication and The rapid development of the automotive industry has led to the rapid development of the thermoplastic elastomer market.In the industry of sealing products, TPE is mainly used in automotive sealing tape and building sealing tape. Features: 1. Non-toxic. Nitrates and other carcinogens. Does not contain heavy metals. Recyclable. To achieve health level, through the SGS certification. Meet the EU ROHS directive.
2. Good aging resistance: under normal conditions of service life of not less than 20 years.
3. Green and recyclable, and repeated use of six times no significant decline in performance. Meet the EU environmental requirements.
4. Light weight (0.90-0.97). Appearance quality uniform. Surface grade high.
5. Good elasticity: 30% .70 ° × 24H compression rate, the compression rate of permanent deformation of 25%, under the same conditions. EPDM seal is 75%.
TPE in the automotive seal in the German application. Mainly to replace the performance of backward PVC material. In foreign. Automotive glass guide groove. Triangle window seal, etc. Most have adopted the TPE material. Mainly use its non-sticky. Tearing. Surface appearance is good. Density is less than EPDM. This is particularly suitable for the current development of the automotive industry made of lightweight requirements. Therefore, in the high-end car seal. TPE material has been widely used. TPE material has a very Good anti-aging and ozone resistance and excellent low temperature performance in the construction industry has also been a great development, mainly for the window frame pad and seal the production.
For different shapes. Different colors and products with special performance requirements can meet the needs of design and use.

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