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Elastomer Seal (TPV)
Elastomer Seal (TPV)
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TPE seal thermoplastic elastomer, also known as synthetic rubber or synthetic rubber. Its products are both traditional cross-linked vulcanized rubber high elasticity, anti-aging, oil resistance of the excellent performance, but also with ordinary plastic processing side, the processing of a wide range of characteristics Can be used for injection molding, extrusion, blow molding and other processing methods, the mouth of the corners after crushing 100% directly secondary use. Not only simplify the processing process, but also reduce processing costs, so the thermoplastic elastomer TPE / TPR material has become a substitute for traditional rubber The latest materials, TPE seal its environmental protection, non-toxic, feel comfortable, beautiful appearance, so that the product more creative and therefore a more humane, high-grade new synthetic materials, but also the world's standard environmental protection materials.
⒈ good impact resistance and fatigue resistance.
⒉ high impact strength and good low temperature flexibility.
⒊ temperature rise to maintain good performance.
⒋ good resistance to chemical substances, oil, solvents and weather.
⒌ high tear strength and high resistance to friction.
⒍ easy to process and economical.
⒎ good recyclability.
Hoses, and hydraulic hoses, pipes, sealing materials, sports films and other parts, including the golf layer of the skin
Molding materials, auto parts, belt type, hard and soft piping fuel tank part, sealant, all kinds of gears, keypad, telephone antenna, Phos class, compression spring, tube coating, Inline-skate roller
Gears, bearings, telephone line envelope.

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