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EPDM rubber seal (EPDM)
EPDM rubber seal (EPDM)
Product Details

EPDM has a microwave curing process, the surface smooth and beautiful, with good flexibility and compression deformation, weather resistance, ozone resistance, chemical resistance and wide use of the temperature range (-40 ℃ ~ + 120 ℃) ​​and other excellent performance, has been widely used in automobile doors and windows curtain wall and other manufacturing.For different shapes, different materials, or cold, heat, foam, solid, and with special performance requirements, To meet the needs of design and use.
EPDM foam seal
1. Lightweight, tough and lightweight and has a strong toughness
2. Thermal insulation thermal conductivity is low, with excellent insulation
3. Non-absorbent with independent bubble structure, low water absorption
4. Buffer impact resistance is excellent, can be used as cushioning material
5. Weatherability Excellent weather resistance. EPDM sponge can be tested by ozone resistance (50pphm * 40.C * 72 hours)
Product Usage:
1, packaging materials (precision machinery, medical equipment, furniture, glass and other transport with the buffer material, small appliances with the protection of buffer materials, etc.)
2, civil and construction (residential large plate caulking materials, residential doors and windows sealing materials, concrete anti-shrink with gasket material, open channel sewer joints materials, all kinds of civil construction joints materials, etc.)
3, vehicles, ships (door sealing materials, luggage compartment sealing materials, hood cushion cushion, a variety of pipe sealing materials, light stitch materials, engine shockproof materials, equipment, such as buffer and sealing materials, etc.)
4, adiabatic, insulation (coolers and air conditioners using insulation sealing materials, refrigerators and freezers insulation sealing materials, etc.)
5, noise, moisture (all kinds of mechanical equipment, anti-noise sealing materials, residential soundproof wall sealing materials, all kinds of electrical waterproof moisture-proof sealing materials, all kinds of mechanical equipment moisture-proof sealing materials, etc.).

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