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EPDM foam sponge (EPDM)
EPDM foam sponge (EPDM)
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Material: EPDM foam (sponge seal)
Color: gray, white, brown, beige, black
Description: EPDM EPDM foam excellent weather resistance makes this material as the raw material of rubber and plastics materials to become a substitute for traditional rubber and plastic materials. EPDM rubber has a high degree of chemical stability, excellent electrical insulation properties And anti-aging, waterproof performance.It can be widely used in environmental conditions are not demanding all kinds of buildings and refrigeration, air conditioning and other industries, can also be widely used in areas of higher environmental requirements, such as: minus 40 ℃ ~ 150 ℃ environment in the automotive air conditioning equipment system. Temperature and environmental protection requirements of the higher areas, such as: pharmaceutical plants, hospitals, military equipment.
Features: EPDM rubber foam with a high degree of chemical stability, excellent electrical insulation properties and resistance to aging resistance to water performance, mainly in the following areas:
1. High resistance to aging
A excellent ozone resistance - EPDM rubber known as "non-crack rubber", in the general rubber resistance to ozone the best.
B better thermal stability.
C Excellent anti-aging properties - long-term use at 130 ℃, at 150 ℃ or higher temperatures can be used intermittently or short-term use.
D excellent weather resistance - refers to the natural environment in the light, heat, freezing, wind, rain, atmospheric ozone, oxygen synthesis factor aging.
2. Excellent resistance to chemical properties: due to the EPDM itself chemical stability and non-polar, so with most of the chemical does not occur chemical reaction, and polar substances are not compatible or compatibility is very small, It is resistant to alcohol, acid (formic acid, acetic acid) strong base, oxidizing agent (such as H202, HCLO, etc.), detergent, animal and vegetable oil, ketone, some fat, hydrazine.

3. Excellent water resistance, resistance to overheating and water vapor resistance: water is a strong polar substance, EPDM rubber is a polymer of hydrazine, with "hydrophobic." Between the two is not easy to produce chemical, So it has excellent water resistance, resistance to overheating and water vapor resistance.

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