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Soft and hard coiled seal
Soft and hard coiled seal
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PVC soft and hard co-extruded seal factory. PVC Seal soft and soft co-extruded seal factory EPDM rubber can be used in different proportions with chloroprene rubber to improve the oil resistance of ethylene propylene rubber. Ethylene-propylene rubber and neoprene Rubber and the use of rubber, the two rubber properties complement. Ethylene propylene rubber oil resistance, flame resistance and adhesion has improved; chloroprene rubber also improved resistance to ozone, chemical resistance, heat resistance, resistance to steam, low temperature resistance Performance, and improve the chloroprene rubber processing oil and carbon black filling capacity, thereby reducing the cost of ethylene propylene rubber and silicone rubber used, heat resistance, weather resistance, low temperature flexibility and electrical properties to further improve; Silicone rubber and mechanical properties are also improved. EPDM rubber and fluorine rubber used in combination, the low temperature of fluorine rubber and ethylene-propylene rubber resistance to improve the media and reduce the cost of rubber. Ethylene-propylene rubber on SBR, NR and other modified to improve the aging resistance of these rubber and high temperature performance, but also improve the adhesion of ethylene propylene rubber. Automotive seal with EPDM rubber to meet the requirements of various parts of the car seal, also And LDPE, SBR and so on And the use of LDPE or liquid polybutadiene rubber and can be used to obtain high hardness (Shore A hardness of 96) EPDM rubber, such high hardness EPDM most used in automotive tanks and luggage compartment seal Production, especially with the use of liquid polybutadiene rubber and high hardness EPDM rubber extrusion process is better.
PVC: low molecular weight soluble in ketones, esters and chlorinated hydrocarbons and other solvents. High molecular weight insoluble. Polyvinyl chloride resin by molding to get PVC plastic. The monomer cost is low, the production process is mature However, the thermal stability and light resistance is poor .140 ℃ decomposition of hydrogen chloride release, in the process of forming the molding process, the need to join the stabilizer. Softening temperature is low. , Limited to 80 ° C below. According to the amount of plasticizer added, can be made of soft plastic and hard resin. Soft plastic can be used as wire and cable sheath and other insulating materials, can be made transparent film, used as Raincoats, tablecloths, agricultural seedling film, etc .; also used to make artificial leather, foam and polyvinyl chloride fiber. Rigid plastic can be used in the system plate, pipe, storage tank, absorption tower, etc. Vinyl chloride by suspension polymerization can be powder resin , If the emulsion polymerization method, available paste resin.

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