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Door and window seal
Door and window seal
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TPE seals, doors and windows rubber seal strip is mainly used in steel doors and windows, aluminum doors and windows, wooden doors and windows and other architectural decoration doors and windows on the market of steel doors and windows sealed generally PVC, modified PVC, C, elastomer seal (including TPV, TPE, TPR, SEBS), silicone and other material extrusion.
Chinese name doors and windows seals foreign language name Door and Window rubber seal strip effect waterproof, sealed, energy saving and other important role in the scope of application of a wide range of Chinese manufacturing components silicone TPE seal

Door and window seal in the use of glass seal is divided into (rubber), door door cover and top three categories, glass seal for glass and fan and the box between the seal, door door cover is mainly used for The seal between the door and the door frame, the top is mainly used for sealing between the frame and the fan in the steel doors and windows and broken aluminum doors and windows, wooden doors production and installation, the seal is an indispensable accessory.

Sealing tape plays an important role in waterproofing, sealing and energy saving in the doors and windows of steel doors and windows, and it is necessary to have strong tensile strength and good elasticity. In order to ensure the tightening of the strip and profile, the cross-sectional structure of the strip must be matched with the steel-plastic doors and windows profiles. Seal strips are generally used for flat doors and windows, hanging windows, folding Doors and windows. The main role for dust, pest control, waterproof, sound insulation, sealing and so on.
The top part of the installation of the top of the bar is usually in the sliding window (door) fan, the fan around the wall or seal bridge (block on the wind block), to strengthen the seal between the box and the fan is the impact of sliding doors and windows and watertight performance of the important factors , But also affect the doors and windows of the important factors of the switch.Top specifications are too large or too high vertical hair, not only difficult to install, but also to increase the resistance of doors and windows to move, especially when the beginning of the initial resistance and closure of the final position when the greater resistance. Specifications are too small, or the height of the vertical bar is not enough, easy to take off the slot, so that the sealing performance of doors and windows greatly reduced.
The top of the two kinds of silicified and non-silicified, the use of silicified tops in the use of better results, the quality of qualified tops for the surface straight, the bottom plate and vertical hair smooth, no bending, the bottom plate no pitting, in line with 0.2mm Regulations.
Doors and windows is the key to the real seal, sealed good or bad seal plays a decisive role in the market with the sealing material is generally PVC modified, in the soft PVC in its key role is nothing more than its inside to join the plasticizer Good or bad, with a variety of petrochemical products prices continue to rise, seals and other rubber products prices are also rising.
In the door production process, the seal of the input accounted for a small proportion, but its role can not be ignored, door and window seal quality identification methods include the following:
1. There is the surface of the phenomenon of oil seepage, those waste oil and PVC does not dissolve the surface of the seal is easy to appear on the surface of the grease, the surface of the profile is also marked with yellow traces.Even no environmental protection has a lot of volatile substances, pollution of the air.
2. When the so-called plasticizer volatilizes or exudes, the seal will lose its original softness, become very hard, and soon shrink the aging, so that a part of the doors and windows closed a large gap, Especially in the rainy season from the inside of the window of the pressure bar parts out of the red liquid is very dirty, that is, doors and windows leaking steel lining Has long been corroded, doors and windows of the life will be greatly reduced.
In the actual production process, the seal of the input accounted for a small proportion, but its role can not be ignored, so do not have to reduce the cost of a little bit of those fake and false products, the identification method is very simple,
First, with the nose to smell whether there is odor, the normal PVC material will have a little bit of alcohol taste, almost very small smell.
Second, the seal as tight as possible wrapped around the profile, placed at high temperatures for some time (on the roof or sunny place.) See the surface of the profile and the sealing surface of the contact surface is fouling discoloration, sealing the surface of the Whether the dust is yellow (oil is easy to soil) oil leakage, whether it is dirty hands.
Third, some of the cheaper price of the seal will be a lot of filler, so the surface will not be very bright, those are very cheap appearance is not desirable.
Four, to see the proportion of each kilometer can be how many meters. There are many manufacturers, in the use of fillers in the big hands and feet, for the pursuit of greater production, (province of electricity) using talcum powder, , Greatly increased the proportion of the product seal, (our users are generally more than in kilograms to buy, according to the length of the use of) This is actually an increase in the cost of more harm than good.To join the ternary seal, back and forth by hand several times, The surface will appear a small amount of white powder.
Glass installation is not centered, glass window frame gap is not uniform, rubber seal is not close to the glass and window frames, the installation is not flat. Hand knock glass, there is loose sound caused by this situation reasons:
1. When the glass is installed, the debris in the slot is not removed in time to make the glass and the notch misaligned.
2. Glass gap with the glass slot uneven, rubber and glass, glass groove bad contact, protruding glass slot, hand can easily pull the seal.
3. At the corner of the rubber strip is not broken, no glue bonding.
Rectification measures are:
1. Before installing the glass to carefully remove the slits within the debris, such as mortar, brick, wood, etc., the glass should be carefully centered, to ensure uniform on both sides of the gap, and timely fixed, to prevent the collision shift Slot center.
2. Rubber seal can not pull too tight, the length of the material than the length of the assembly length of 20-30mm. Installation should be inlaid in place, the surface straight, and glass, glass notches in close contact, so that the glass around the force even in the corner The rubber strip should be cut open, and in the open place at the adhesive bonding firm.
3. Seal with a sealant to fix the glass, you should first use rubber or rubber block to squeeze the glass, leaving the plastic injection gap, the depth of injection should not be less than 5mm, before curing, should keep the glass from vibration.

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