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Nitrile oil-resistant rubber seal (NBR)
Nitrile oil-resistant rubber seal (NBR)
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Oil-resistant NBR seal with rubber as the main material (which can contain fabric, metal sheet and other reinforcing materials), made by curing with a certain thickness and large area of ​​the sheet-like products, referred to as rubber. Oil NBR seal

Can be divided into pure plastic strips and cloth, folder metal skeleton layer of rubber and other varieties; according to the use can be divided into industrial strips and rubber strips.
With a high hardness, physical and mechanical properties in general, can not pressure, the temperature of 0 ~ +60 ℃ in the air work.
It is made by press bonding or extrusion molding, vulcanized with a flat vulcanizer or continuous vulcanization with a drum vulcanizer. Color: black, gray, green, blue and so on.
Widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, transportation and housing and other aspects of the ground, etc., for sealing aprons, pads, doors and windows seals and laying the table and the floor.
Oil-resistant rubber strip performance: Operating temperature -30 ℃ ~ 80 ℃; in oil (oil, diesel, gasoline, lubricating oil) medium work, with sealing and anti-swelling oil

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