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Car seal
Car seal
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Cabinet Sealer Seal

Car seal with a variety of intermittent body parts to fill the role of the gap, with shock, water, dust, noise, decoration and other functions to enhance the comfort of driving experience and protection of the body.
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The general owner to experience their own car in a state of operation, such as high-speed driving, gravel pavement, downtown, feel the strong noise, then the biggest possibility is the body sealing performance problems, a lot of ways to solve the problem , The seal is one of the more cost-effective solution, the car seal is generally configured at the factory, the quality of the uneven strip, after a period of use, there will be early aging, sealing performance, The case of the disappearance of the situation, then replace the new seal, the noise will be a lot of changes in the car.Car seal for the noise problem is very useful to a class of products.
Classification is classified according to the name of the seal mounting parts (parts)
(HOOR), can be divided into front, side and rear; door frame seal (DOOR SEAL); front and rear wind window seal (WINDOW SCREEN); side window seal (SIDE WINDOWSEALING); (REULARY DOOR SEAL); GLASSRUN CHANNEL; WAISTLINE; TRUNK SEAL; Anti-noise (TRUNK SEAL) Seal (ANTI-NOISE); dustproof (ANTI-DUST) and so on.
Sorted by cross-sectional shape
Can be divided into solid products (round, square, flat cross-sectional shape), hollow products and metal rubber composite products and other types. Among them, the metal rubber composite seal more than 60%. For rubber seals for cross-section design The first is to seal the lip shape, the size of the design, both sides of the lip should be the same size, the appropriate size of the glass from both sides of the window glass contact. Lips length, thickness should be appropriate, too thick, too long So that the glass lift resistance is too large, too thin, too short will lead to the glass can not get a good guide and sealing, resulting in vibration, noise, leakage phenomenon; followed by the bottom of the shape, size design, window steel section Convex, its role is to assemble the guide groove, so the bottom of the guide groove should be designed to the bottom of the corresponding structure, both easy to load, but also the use of the elastic seal itself attached to the steel guide groove, to prevent its prolapse; Take the shape, size, in order to improve the appearance of the outer surface of the guide groove should be close fit with the body.
Sort by sealing characteristics
Can be divided into weather seal (WEATHERSTRIP) and general seal (SEALING). Among them, the weather seal with a hollow sponge bubble tube, a better temperature and humidity to maintain the function. Common weather seal with door frame seal, luggage Seal, boot box cover, etc. Commonly used general seal before and after the windshield seal and angle window seal, inside and outside the side and so on.
Classification by compound structure
Can be divided into pure rubber seal - composed of a single plastic species; two composite seal - by the dense plastic and foam sponge glue composition, often in the dense plastic inside the axial direction containing metal skeleton material; three composite seal - It is composed of two kinds of dense plastic (one of which is light) and sponge glue. It usually contains metal skeleton and reinforcing fiber inside the dense glue. Four composite seal - Shanghai Shenya Seal Co., Ltd. is the first to develop and produce in China A composite seal consisting of four compounds is coated with a thin layer of protective adhesive on the surface of the foam (foam) to further improve the service life of the seal.
Classification by material variety
Can be divided into rubber seal; plastic seal; thermoplastic elastomer seal.
Sort by surface treatment status
Part of the sealing surface of the surface by additional treatment can be divided into flocking seal; surface coating seal; a fabric paste seal special function classification
Some seals have electronic intelligent functions, such as anti-pinch seal.
In the low temperature test at -40 ℃, the sealing strip does not harden, no brittle, still keep the soft and good adhesion of the strip, showing excellent cold resistance, and 120 ℃ high temperature, the seal of the weather Sex is still good, to maintain flexibility in performance, shape, function are not affected.
The choice of sealing material determines its flexibility and flexibility, through the adjustment of the formula to improve the softness of the sealant after drying, so that it forms a good seal between the sheet metal and tape, butyl rubber unique High flexibility, to ensure that the sealant is easy to peel from the metal sheet metal, without pollution of sheet metal.
The automotive seal is mainly made of EPDM rubber foam with good elasticity and compression resistance, aging resistance, ozone, chemical action, wide use temperature range (-40 ℃ ~ + 120 ℃) And a combination of dense, containing a unique metal fixture and tongue-shaped buckle, durable, conducive to the installation.

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