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Rigid PVC seal
Rigid PVC seal
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The hard PVC seal is made of a microwave curing process. The surface is smooth and beautiful. It has good elasticity and compression resistance, weather resistance, ozone resistance, chemical resistance and wide temperature range (-40 ℃ ~ + 120 ℃) and other excellent performance, has been widely used in automobile doors and windows curtain wall and other manufacturing.For different shapes, different materials, or cold, heat, foam, solid, and with special performance requirements of the product, can meet the design and Use need.
Manufacturing standards:
1, GB12002-89 "steel doors and windows with a seal"
2, GB320281NAF05-2000 "architectural curtain wall with vulcanized rubber seal"
3, ISO3934 (GB10712) "Building rubber gasket - Sealed glass windows and panels of preformed solid vulcanized rubber material - specification"
4, TB1964-87 "Passenger car doors and windows with seal test method"
5, TB1444-83 "diesel locomotive rubber parts technical conditions"
6, HG / T3088-1987 "vehicle doors and windows rubber seal"
■ Product Type:
PVC Seal PVC Strip Rubber Seal ■ Features:
The use of microwave curing process a molding, smooth and beautiful surface without contact marks.
· Has good elasticity and anti-compression deformation, excellent anti-aging performance.
Excellent flame retardant performance, low smoke, low toxicity.
Product extrusion stability, high dimensional accuracy.

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