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Advantages of silicone seal used on wooden doors

Advantages of silicone seal used on wooden doors
1, silicone seal has all the best ability to resist compressive deformation of rubber products, sealing contact surface can do more, very effectively block active part is leaking in the dust and noise.
2, excellent aging resistance, durability, service life and life of main building synchronization, once and for all, no worries.
3, good weatherability, ordinary Silicon rubber seals can be 200 degrees Celsius and when lingxiawushisheshidu "cucumber", "without", still serve their original strength and flexibility, and maintain the original seal.
4, drug-free environment, excellent physical inertia, the only medical and food grade rubber materials, does not contain plasticizers, no oil, no response with the paint.
5, processing rich colors, and resists fading, making modern architecture more aesthetic.
The above advantages, silicone seal can be a great guarantee the basic function of wooden doors, and overall improve the quality of wooden doors, owners and wooden doors of our company do not have to worry about, silicone rubber seal must be the door seal is the most ideal choice.