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EPDM sealing strip for car and ordinary differences

EPDM sealing strip for car and ordinary differences

EPDM automotive sealing strip and the difference between ordinary plastic
1, EPDM automotive sealing strip has excellent weathering resistance, and weather means long cold, hot, dry, wet, snow and rain water has excellent corrosion resistance, can extend the life of rubber Strip;
2, heat aging that have very strong hot air aging properties. Can long-term in 100-120 ℃ Xia using, in 140-150 ℃ Xia also in quite long of during within keep effective of real sex, short time within can resistance 230-260 ℃ high temperature, on city building burst accident Shi, can up to delay role; plus using special of formula, ternary b c rubber in-50 ℃ to 150 ℃ feel similar, this for production site installation created has efficient of work performance
3, due to the EPDM seal has excellent resistance to ozone, also known as "crack-free rubber", especially used in different atmospheric index, fully exposed to the air in the buildings of the city, will show the superiority of its products;
4, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, and provides environmental protection for high-rise building tenants; 60~150KV resistance voltage, Corona resistance, crack resistance, arc, is also very good. Low temperature flexibility, tensile capacity of 100MPa temperature-58.8 ° c.