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Sponge seals on equipment which constraints

Sponge seals on equipment which constraints

Due to the foam seal Strip production process, sponge device selection is very important, because the production of styrofoam on the device accuracy and stability requirements are high, to select the device you want to select in the production quality and stability. General production of compact seal products and foam sponge device are the same, but in a different formulation, but high expectations for the sponge for equipment, rubber is dense than not.

First check whether the seal cracks, with or without fracture. If the seal is broken or has a large crack, you can use the adhesive patching. Especially the use of seal special adhesive, very easy to put the crack patched. Of course, if the seal damage, aging or larger, better to replace new seal easier. Seal replacement is not difficult, but you have to want to do better, it's professional.
Sealing doors and Windows, is an important part of it is to guarantee that Windows airtight, watertight, insulation and other strong measures, and after the glass in the doors and Windows outside guarantees security exists. Because seals affected by climate and sunlight, will have a shrinking, aging, deformation, so sealing is not allowed to work under tension, shall remain free. In order to hold the glass got stuck, often during the installation process the seal pulled too tight, can not guarantee the free State, so that it is tensile deformation. Practice has proved that the seal to be installed under tensile deformation, have been sealed off, break, crack, and so on. To this end, at the time of installation, sealing strip length much longer than the door Assembly edge, beveled disconnect at the corner, binders for sticking firmly, allow sufficient expansion allowance.

Seal of routine maintenance work, mainly include the following. First is to use the car cleaning detergent, cleaning after the high permeability of the coating layer protective agent in order to prevent seal aging. In addition, the seal between the gap easily filled with dust, causing corrosion. To do this, remove dust with a brush.