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Silicone seal must have common sense

Silicone seal must have common sense
Production of silicone rubber seal with transparent, smooth appearance, soft and elastic, nontoxic and odorless. has good elasticity, high and low temperature resistant (-80 ° c-280), and not easy to get older, not out of shape, slightly acid and alkali. Ozone resistance, refractoriness, electrical insulation also has very good performance, is the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, electronics, machinery industry seal of choice of the goods.

Silicone seal is the most recent more extensive use of new products, more doors and Windows sealed with better corrosion resistance, weather resistance, noise and heat insulation effect. And color variety, according to size, color and packaging can be arbitrary processing and production according to customer requirements.
Applies to: Windows, fridge, freezer, Toaster, oven, and medical devices, automobiles, industrial equipment and other waterproof, dust-proof, leak-proof, shock-proof, insulating, cold, warm, stationary seal!