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Foaming sealing strip product use

Foaming sealing strip product use
1, packaging materials (precision machinery, medical instruments, furniture, glass, such as transport cushioning materials, small electrical appliances with protection of cushion material etc)
2, civil engineering, and construction (residential slabs sealing material, sealing material for residential use, concrete shrink-proof gasket materials caulking materials, a variety of civil engineering and architecture, and an open channel filler materials, etc)
3, vehicles and vessels (door seals, trunk seals materials, cushioning the bonnet, all kinds of pipe sealing materials, lamps, key material, engine shock-proof material, instrument class cushioning and sealing materials, etc)
4, thermal insulation, thermal insulation (coolers and air conditioners use thermal insulation seal material, refrigerators and freezers, such as thermal insulation sealing material)
5, noise, moisture-proof (a variety of mechanical equipment noise-proof sealing materials, residential sound insulation wall sealing material, various electrical appliances, waterproof sealing material of moisture-proof seal materials, mechanical equipment, etc).

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