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Rubber gasket
Rubber gasket
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Rubber seal Seal is a self-expanding gasket that belongs to the pipe seal.
The outer ring and inner layer ring is a general elastic seal ring, the center of the middle expansion ring has a ring bubble structure, both sides of the hollow ring, the outer ring and the inner ring ring is composed of three parts: Ring outer side seal, ring inner opening; outer ring and inner ring are divided into two parts, installed in the middle expansion ring ring bubble inside and outside the structure.

Technical Parameters:

Main data:

Rubber gasket with oil, acid and alkali, cold and heat, anti-aging properties, it is widely used in automotive, electronics, chemicals, anti-static, fire-retardant, food and other industries.
Rubber gasket is also a very wide range of applications, we usually drink the lid above the beverage layer has a layer of rubber pad, that is used to seal, with this to isolate the flow of air with the outside of the mechanical working principle above the static and dynamic In short, are used to carry out with the outside world or a place to be isolated, the working principle of the gasket is also very simple, it can be said that there is not much reason, is isolated.

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