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Rubber shock pad (shock absorber)
Rubber shock pad (shock absorber)
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Rubber cushion is characterized by both high elasticity and high viscosity, rubber elasticity is caused by changes in its conical molecular conformation, the interaction between the rubber molecules will hinder the movement of the molecular chain, but also show the characteristics of sticky, So that stress and strain are often in an unbalanced transparent silicone pad.
Rubber shock pad principle
The long chain molecular structure of the rubber and the weaker secondary force present between the molecules make the rubber material exhibit unique viscoelastic properties and thus have good cushioning, sound insulation and cushioning properties. Rubber parts are widely used in Isolation and shock absorption, because it has a lag, damping and can be reversible large deformation characteristics.
Rubber hysteresis and internal friction characteristics are usually expressed by the loss factor, the greater the loss factor, the more severe rubber damping and heat generation, shock absorption effect is more obvious.
The loss factor of the rubber material is not only related to the structure of the rubber itself, but also to the temperature and frequency. At room temperature, the loss factor of natural rubber (NR) and butadiene rubber (BR) is small, styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), chlorine The loss factors of butyl rubber (CR), ethylene propylene rubber (EPR), polyurethane rubber (PU) and silicone rubber were the highest, and the loss factor of butyl rubber (HR) and nitrile rubber (NBR) was the largest.
For the purpose of shock reduction rubber material is generally divided into five kinds, namely NR, SBR, BR for the common rubber material; NBR for oil vulcanizate; CR for weathering vulcanizate; IIR for high damping vulcanizate; EPR for Heat resistance vulcanizate.NR although the loss factor is small, but its comprehensive performance is the best, with excellent flexibility, good fatigue resistance, low heat, small creep, and metal parts of the adhesive properties, cold resistance, electrical insulation And the processing performance is good, so NR is widely used for the purpose of shock absorption, requiring low temperature or weather resistance, can be used with BR or CR or blending modified.Nishiue and so on using NR, BR and carbon number greater than 4 Of the shock absorbers made of metal salts containing organic acids of -OH groups have good durability, and the compressive permanent deformation at 70 ℃ × 22h and 40 ℃ × 148 h is 17.0% and 11.7%, respectively.
Rubber shock pad application
Rubber damping products are mainly rubber shock pad, rubber air spring, rubber fender (see color chart), sponge and cork rubber shock pad, elastic coupling and flexible connection and other categories.
① rubber shock pad. Most of the rubber and metal composite products, a double plate, cylindrical, chip and other forms, for a variety of machinery, instruments, axles, pipeline vibration and noise.
② rubber air spring. It is better than the metal spring shock absorption and impact resistance, mainly for vehicles. Its structure and tubeless tires are somewhat similar to the plaster layer for the pressure layer, there are airtight rubber layer, Anti-aging protective rubber layer.
The rubber bearing is made of rubber sheet and rigid material (steel plate, steel wire mesh, canvas), which can improve the compressive strength of the bearing and have little effect on the shear strength. The bridge load is transferred to the pier and can be adapted to bridge deformation and vibration reduction, and the rubber construction support reduces the impact of the subway and the surrounding vehicle and the earthquake on the building.

Classification According to different conditions of use, rubber shock absorber devices can be designed into a variety of types. Currently the most commonly used are the following ten kinds.
1) JP rubber shock absorber: suitable for electronic instrumentation, protection of the whole machine from vibration and shock.
2) JPZ three-way and other stiffness shock absorbers: mainly used for aerospace and aviation instrumentation.
3) JPZ small air shock absorbers: for aerospace, aviation, navigation and other isolation and impact devices.
4) JG shear shock absorber: for fans, air compressors, refrigerators, pumps and precision instrumentation devices.
5) Z-type rubber frequency shock absorber: widely used in a variety of machinery, instruments, machine tools, equipment and so on.

6) 6JX-type shock absorber: for ships, vehicles and other power machinery.
7) 6WN type diesel locomotive shock absorber: for the internal combustion engine host.
8) "31 'type rubber shock absorbers: for the ship host and electronic scales.
9) SH type double plate shock absorber: for ship machinery and equipment.
Wj rubber shock absorber
Wj rubber shock absorber
10) JV cylindrical spring shock absorber: for a variety of instruments and meters.
11) YU-type cylindrical shock absorber: for the ship host, auxiliary equipment and other equipment.
12) WJ rubber shock absorber: a wide range of applications, can withstand any direction of the load.
13) YXN, XN rubber torsional vibration shock absorber: used in automobile engine crankshaft system.

(1) can be free to determine the shape, by adjusting the rubber formulation components to control the hardness, to meet the direction of the stiffness and strength requirements;
(2) internal friction, shock absorption effect is good, is conducive to cross the resonance area, attenuation of high-frequency vibration and noise;
(3) elastic modulus is much smaller than the metal, can produce greater elastic deformation;
(4) no sliding part, easy to maintain;
(5) low quality, easy installation and disassembly.
(6) impact stiffness is higher than the static stiffness and dynamic stiffness, is conducive to the impact of deformation [1].
Main application areas:
1, automotive rubber shock absorber
2, railway locomotives and rails pillow cushion with rubber shock products
3, rubber shock absorber with bridge
4, rubber damper for construction works

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