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Silicone pad
Silicone pad
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Transparent silicone pad is a silicone products in the market demand for more than a class of products. Have a certain tension, flexibility, excellent insulation, pressure, high temperature, low temperature, chemical stability, environmental safety, odor, food Silicone pads are non-toxic and tasteless, insoluble in water and any solvent, is a highly active green product.
Silicone pad is a silicone products in the market demand for more than a class of products with silicone properties,
There is a certain tension, flexibility, excellent insulation, pressure, high temperature, low temperature resistance, chemical stability, environmental safety, no smell, food grade silicone pad with non-toxic and tasteless, insoluble in water and any solvent, (-40 ℃ -230 ℃). Suitable for different occasions. Products with good flexibility to meet the different needs of the silicone pad according to the good from the good, the use of high-quality green products. The characteristics of widely used in electronics, industrial, home.
Silicone pad according to the unique characteristics of silicone, and different applications can be divided into three categories:
Thermal silicone pad
Thermal silica gel pad is generally used in the electronics industry, soft thermal silicone film from the engineering point of view of how to make the material irregular surface matching, the use of high-performance thermal materials to eliminate air gaps, thereby enhancing the overall heat transfer capacity, Working at a lower temperature.
Silicone insulation pads such as: coaster, placemat, pot and so on.
Silicone coasters are generally used in household products, insulation, non-slip, creative decoration, is made of food grade silicone material can be used with all kinds of cup mats; super insulation function can effectively protect the desktop is not Scalding, exquisite appearance can not only embellishment colorful life, as well as the effect of insulation and insulation; the use of high-temperature vulcanization molding machine, high temperature, environmental non-toxic, is the concept of environmental protection in line with the most environmentally friendly products; Fashion generous, free to change the different shapes, can be expanded to use, the scope of application for a variety of cup diameter, enjoy the hot drink can be placed on the table, heat temperature -40 degrees to 220 degrees, silicone material does not hurt the desktop!
Silicone pots are generally larger than silicone coasters and are made of honeycomb-like hollow or lattice-like, and the damps play a very good cushioning effect.
Features ● High reliability ● High compressibility, soft and elastic ● Low thermal conductivity ● Natural viscosity, no additional surface adhesive ● Meet ROHS, SGS and UL environmental requirements ● Multi-color selection, colorful, can be Custom shape.
● Raw materials are made of 100% food grade environmental protection silicone.
● low-carbon environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, soft, anti-skid, shock, impermeable water, heat, not aging, easy to fade, easy to clean.
● durable, effective protection of the furniture surface is not burned, scratched.
● Temperature range: -40 ~ 230 degrees Celsius. Baking, frozen still remain soft without deformation.
● Part of the silica gel pad to meet the US FDA food grade testing standards: 21 CFR 177.2600.
Applications ● Filling between circuit boards and heat sinks ● Filling between ICs and heat sinks or product housings ● Filling between ICs and similar heat dissipating materials such as metal shields ● As a buffer for industrial machine connections, ,seal.
Transparent silicone pad beautiful appearance, with shock, anti-skid, anti-collision, anti-scratch function, high transparency, widely used in plexiglass, glass handicrafts, display stand, household appliances, furniture products, hardware accessories, transparent plastic products Affect viscosity
The term "internal friction" or "internal friction", which is proportional to the viscosity and hardness, is usually caused by the movement of liquid, quasi-liquid or quasi-solid material.
The ability of the material to resist the hardening of the hard objects locally is called hardness, and the silicone rubber has a Shore hardness range of 10 to 80, which gives the designer the freedom to select the desired hardness to achieve the best Function. The mixing of polymer substrates, fillers and additives in different proportions allows for a variety of intermediate hardness values. Likewise, the time and temperature of the heating cure can also change the hardness without destroying other physical characteristics The
Tensile Strength
Tensile strength refers to the force required to produce a rubber material sample tear at each range of units. The hot-sulfur solid silicone rubber has a tensile strength in the range of between 4.0 and 12.5 MPa. Ranging from 8.7-12.1 MPa between the liquid silicone rubber tensile strength range between 3.6-11.0MPa.
Tear strength
In the incision of the sample when the force applied to prevent the incision or scoring to expand the resistance even after the cut after the high torsional stress, the hot sulfur solid silicone rubber can not be torn. Solid silicone rubber tear strength range between 9-55 kN / m between the fluorosilicone rubber tear strength range between 17.5-46.4 kN / m between the liquid silicone rubber tear strength range of 11.5-52 kN / M between.
Usually refers to the "limit rupture elongation" or when the sample is broken relative to the original length of the percentage of growth. Hot sulfur solid silicone rubber in general elongation range of 90 to 1120%. Fluorosilicone rubber general The elongation is between 159 and 699%. Liquid silicone rubber typically has an elongation of between 220 and 900%. The choice of different processing methods and hardener can vary its elongation to a large extent. The elongation and temperature have a great relationship.
Operating time
The operating time is calculated from the moment the colloid is added to the vulcanizing agent. This operating time and the subsequent vulcanization time are in no complete limits, and the colloid has been subjected to the vulcanization reaction from the moment the vulcanizing agent has been added. This operation time means that the product 30 minutes of vulcanization reaction can not affect the quality of the finished product, so the more the product operation process to save time on the finished product more favorable.
Vulcanization time
And some places will be said to cure time, that is to say after so long time the vulcanization of silica gel is basically the end of this basically the end of the product is already available, but in fact there is a small part of the curing reaction also So the use of silicone rubber products, such as silicone molds usually put a period of time and then put into use.

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