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Silicone board (dense, cloth)
Silicone board (dense, cloth)
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High temperature silica gel plate, which is made of high purity thin layer chromatography silica gel plate (powder) into a certain amount of binder sprayed into the requirements of the board pure white, smooth uniform, fine. The main components of SiO2 · nH2O, Chemical stability, in addition to strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid, not with other acid and alkali reaction. Thin layer of high temperature silica gel plate can be directly used for a variety of types of organic matter qualitative or quantitative analysis, in medicine, pesticides, Organic chemical products and food, food trace impurities and the identification of the main ingredients have been widely used.

Silica gel board is made of high quality thin layer chromatography silica gel as raw material, thin layer chromatography silica gel plate, high efficiency thin layer chromatography silica gel plate, which is coated with high quality thin layer chromatography silica gel suitable adhesive coated on glass substrate The separation time is short; the sensitivity is high, the spots are clear and do not spread; can be divided into two parts. It is widely used in the rapid separation of various types of organic substances, and has been widely used in the identification of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, Chinese herbal medicine, organic chemical products and trace impurities of grain and food.

We have superb technology, superior quality, quality service, very competitive prices to win the trust of the majority of users, the product has been hundreds of large and medium-sized enterprises used by the above is the silicone board for more information, if you On the price of silicone plate, manufacturers, models, pictures have any questions, please contact us to obtain the latest information on silica gel plate. I produced the width of the silicone plate can reach 2700mm without patchwork, thickness 2 ~ 8mm, the length of the user's Different needs to do any long.

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