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Silicone sheet (foam)
Silicone sheet (foam)
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Foam silicone board

Foam silicone board The introduction of foreign foam technology, foam uniformity, the density can be done 0.25-0.85g / cm3, Shore hardness 8-30A. Environmental non-toxic odorless, good elasticity, good flexibility, surface no AOTEMAKE foam silicone board high strength, long life, high temperature up to 300 ℃ or more long-term use without deformation. Foam silicone board insulation environmental protection, high and low temperature resistance, compression resistance, acid and alkali anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet The
1. Environmental performance Water absorption Internal: 24 hours at room temperature 1.40%
Complies with FDA CFR 177.2600 Part C Requirements for food contact ingredients HT-800 Gray and black
2. Electrical and thermal properties Dielectric constant, ASTM D 150 1.42
Dielectric strength, ASTM D 149, Volts / mil 91
Resistant to dry arc, ASTM D 495,
Volume resistivity, Ohm-cm ASTM D 257 1014
Thermal conductivity, BTU in / hr / ft2 /? F (w / m? K) ASTM C 518 0.63 (0.09)
3. Low temperature deflection of temperature resistance at -67 ° F (-55 ° C) ASTM D 1056 Recommended temperature ° C (SA) J-2236 -67 to 392 (-55 to 220)
Recommended intermittent use of the maximum temperature, and the F / (internal) 482 (250)

Characteristics of Foamed Silicone Board
1. The product has excellent heat-resistant air aging properties, ozone resistance, insulation, and resistant to fuel oil and lubricants, can be in the temperature -60 ~ +250 ℃ under the conditions of air or oil medium work.
2. Strong sealing ability, can effectively prevent the small particles and rain.
3. Sealed, dustproof, moisture, airtight and shading, vibration isolation, fire
4. Use vibration isolation in electronic equipment and vehicles
5. For the punching of a variety of strict requirements of the sealing gasket, pad
6, in the tide of water or temperature rise, the change is small, even if the short-circuit combustion of silicon dioxide is still insulator, which ensures that electrical equipment to continue to work, so the most suitable for the production of wires, cables, lead wiring.
Existing specifications (mm)
440 * 380 * (5-15) 380 * 380 * (5-15) 400 * 600 * (5-15) 500 * 500 * (2-30) 500 * 600 * (5-15) 600 * 800 * 5-15) 1000 * 1000 * (5-12) 1000 * 1200 * (5-12)
Special specifications (mm)
Minimum length: unlimited, not limited to the maximum length: do unlimited long piece of the smallest width: not limited to the maximum width: 1200 minimum thickness: 0.5mm maximum thickness: 50mm
Product color
Red, gray, natural, white, black can be customized other colors the main purpose
It is suitable for heat transfer equipment, electronic appliances, mechanical seal and so on.It can solve some necessary requirements for some national defense industry and civil industry equipment, etc. It is suitable for electric and mechanical seals and other industries, can do compression, shock absorption, and Can be long-term use is not easy to crack, according to the different requirements of customers die-cut into any shape of the sheet,
Silicone foam board, foam silicone plate, silicone sponge board, sponge silicone plate foam board, foam plate, silicone foam board, rubber foam bar.
main feature
No smell, uniform foam, good elasticity, high strength, long life, temperature up to 260 ℃ above the deformation. Product plane parallelism tolerance of ± 0.05mm.
Performance parameters:
Type: Closed hole Foam surface: Brushed surface Smooth surface Matte finish: 0.5.-50mm
Tear strength: 55Kn / m
Pressure strength; 30Mpa
Extensibility: 100%
Hardness: 8-50 Shore A
Temperature range: -40-220C
Density: 0.55-0.9 g / cm3
Fire rating: 94V-0
Dielectric properties (withstand voltage):> 3KV
Dielectric constant: 5.5 KHz
Volume resistance: 1. * 1011 Ohm-m
Thermal conductivity: 0.2-0.3 W / MK
Dielectric properties (withstand voltage):> 3KV
Dielectric constant: 5.5 KHz
Volume resistance: 1. * 1011 Ohm-m
Thermal conductivity: 0.2-0.3 W / MK

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