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Silicone seal material considerations for performance, working environment and production

Silicone seal material considerations for performance, working environment and production

Silicone seal is widely used in the market, auto, ship building doors and Windows, and other places, there are two other areas in addition to silicone seal seal is not available other than in lieu of, a medical field, there is also a food area. These two areas are important for safety, so only the special materials and special performance can equal. So the silicone seal in the sealing area of importance is very large, is one of the highest market share. Today to introduce the content below, in the production of silicone sealing should be aware of.

Silicone seal is the methyl vinyl silicone rubber-based adhesive, adding of filler (reinforcing agents, heat-resistant agent, modifiers, etc) by mixing, book sense, filtered, and sulfur, molding, extrusion, bonding and other production process. Has excellent thermal stability, resistance to high and low temperature, in the under-60 ¡æ ~+250 ¡æ long-term work, ozone and weather resistance, good electrical properties, Corona, arc and spark strong resistance, chemical stability and resistance to weathering, resistance to radiation, with physiological inertia, good breathability. Silicone is primarily composed of silicon dioxide, chemically stable and does not burn.

Silica gel is a kind of amorphous silica should control dust content is not more than 10 mg/m³, need to be strengthened exhaust, when wearing a mask. Silica gel has strong adsorption, drying to the skin, therefore, operators must wear overalls. If the silicone into the eyes, requires large amounts of water and seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Blue silicone seal due to the presence of a small amount of cobalt chloride, toxic, and food contact and inhalation should be avoided, such as poisoning occurs should seek medical treatment immediately. Silicone seal in use due to adsorption of the medium steam, or other organic substances, adsorption capacity, can be reused after regeneration.

Silicone rubber is a high performance synthetic rubber, can be widely used in aerospace, cables, electronics, electrical appliances, chemicals, instruments, cement, automobiles, construction, food processing, medical equipment and other industries for molding, extrusion, mechanical processing.

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