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Ingredient analysis of high temperature silicone plate

Ingredient analysis of high temperature silicone plate

I provide ingredient analysis of high temperature resistant seals, high temperature sealing strips detection, rubber and reduce costs, shorten the development cycle, understand competitors, product performance improvements. Welcome: main provider of EPDM rubber, natural rubber, nitrile rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber formula analysis, hoses, O-rings, belt components testing, analysis of curing agent and other additives formulations, providing rubber compression, high temperature resistance, ageing resistance, settlement of scorching, white, curing time undesirable problems, analysis of foreign bodies, industrial Diagnostics. Resistance high temperature sealed article samples separation zhihou after assessment, and Qian processing, and instrument analysis, and solutions spectrum, and reverse analysis five big steps, using nuclear magnetic spectrum analysis, and x fluorescent spectrum, and infrared FTIR, and quality spectrum joint with instrument, more than 10 more species instrument for precision analysis, get accurate of spectrum figure information, get its raw materials composition, and components ratio information, restore resistance high temperature sealed article formula.

Formula analysis meaning:

1, to understand the ingredients to help you understand the composition materials

2, shortening the cycle, improve the efficiency of research and development, a leading peer competitor

3, to provide industrial diagnosis and analysis of foreign bodies in the production process, the source of the problem of micro-spectral advantage:

First, NMR spectroscopy, mass spectrometry detector, infrared FTIR, fluorescence spectra, mass spectrometry, x, total;

Second, experienced oil experts sit, formulation analysis of high accuracy