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Foam and silicone seal EPDM foam seal difference

Silicone seal foam:
Silicone rubber is a new of polymer elastic material, has very good of resistance high temperature (250-300 ℃) and resistance low temperature (-40-60 ℃) performance, has good of physiological stability, and can suffered repeatedly times demanding and disinfection conditions, has very better of back elastic and permanent deformation small (200 ℃ 48 hours not is greater than 50%), breakdown voltage for (20-25KV/mm), resistance ozone, resistance purple outside. Made from silicone rubber seals soft and elastic, specially processed for nontoxic, odorless, can withstand 200 ℃ high temperature, high pressure and multiple cooking. Should be used for electrical insulating products, potable water systems within the catheter, industrial refrigeration equipment, internal connections for gas appliances, machinery, lamps and other products of the seal.

EPDM sealing strip
1. light weight, strength and toughness of lightweight and strong toughness
2. insulation low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal insulation
3. non-absorbent with independent bubbles, very low water absorption
4. buffer excellent impact performance, can be used as a cushioning material
5. weather resistance excellent weather resistance. EPDM foaming through the ozone resistance test (50pphm*40. C*72 hours) can be applied to machinery and equipment mats, blocks, fixed the seal.