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Silicone seal production process

Silicone seal production process
Silicone seal in the community had reached around widely, some people wondered how the silicone seal produced by the now introduce silicone seal the production process.
First, the operator in accordance with the formula requires curing agent to join the rubber and silica into rubber mixer, cut into strips, strips generally do not exceed the width of the extruder feeding mouth width.
A second extruder power on at the same time, open the water valve, allow the glue from the forced feeding device for natural into the extruder barrel, through rotation of the screw, the rubber compound to move head, movement by the cooling unit temperature control in process of rubber compound (regulating the cooling water valve switching), and compression molding.
Third because the screw, close squeeze of the rubber compound in the process, product structure bonding, density increases, liquidity and stable rubber compound, silicone seal products of good quality.
Above is a silicone seal production process, I hope to help you.