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PVC rubber and plastic seals how to anti-aging the most effective

PVC rubber and plastic seals how to anti-aging the most effective

Families now use the refrigerator to allow for use in General, but the longer when the refrigerator, the freezer's cooling capacity will be worse, one important reason is the seal on the fridge. We know one seal is PVC rubber seal Strip, PVC rubber seal, use time long after appear aging problems. How should we address it?

First of all we check whether the refrigerator seal problem, put a piece of paper in between the door and door frame, shut the refrigerator door and if the paper did not move, it means that this part of the refrigerator door is tight. However, in order to test the tightness of the refrigerator door, you need to test different locations of the refrigerator door. And we can repair it, cut off power supply. Use hair dryer blowing hot seal and plastic soft parts pinched shrinking back to its original shape. If the problem is serious, that this step will be repeated several times. If after this refrigerator door is still lax, opens the seal, and then in the location in question into the cotton. On such a small way could very well reduce the cold air in the refrigerator to run outside. So you don't have to love high maintenance costs, what are you waiting to do it.