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PVC and silicone seal seal recognition method

PVC and silicone seal seal recognition method

Variety of seal products on the market, how to identify poor quality PVC seals and advanced silicone rubber seal?

1, the smell with my nose about smelly, PVC seal strips in General will have a pungent smell, normal seal of silicone rubber material almost no taste.

2, while seal PVC and silicone rubber seal, for a period of time at a high temperature (on the roof or a sunny area), short time will become very soft PVC seal, seal fat on the surface of precipitation, with the dust, and the yellow (it's easy) oil, left the dirty hands. No change in physical properties of silicone rubber seal, silicone rubber sealing ring for pressure cooker is for families, is the use of a silicone rubber resistant to high temperature and toxic environmental performance, Silicon rubber at 200 ℃ environment, no significant change in physical properties.

3, while PVC seals and rubber seal on the freezer, place a couple of hours, PVC seal Strip feels very stiff and prone to snapping, no change in physical properties of silicone rubber seal. From-50 ° c physical properties of silicone rubber did not change.

4, some cheap seal filler a lot, so the surface is not very bright, color dark, cut off the sealed off section will be very rough, very stiff, almost no elastic stretch. Silicone rubber seal colored, soft, stretch extremely elastic, cut off sealing strips, broken section into a delicate sheen.

5, specific gravity, how much per kilo meters. PVC sealed article vendors in using fill agent aspects big cheats, some manufacturers for pursuit more big of production, (province is electric) used talcum powder, and heavy calcium like of things do fill agent, greatly increased has sealed article products of share, (we user General more is by kg buy, by length using of) such virtually instead increased has cost, serious reduced has quality, outweigh the. Add TSP of PVC sealing strip, your hand stretching back and forth several times, there will be a small amount of white powder on its surface. PVC seal density is 1.4-1.6, silicone rubber seal application Nano silicon dioxide as a reinforcing effect, light texture, density, proportion of between 1.1-1.25, so recovery 20% more than PVC seal Strip.

6, burning.   PVC seal strips burning fizz, shrinkage, take the black acrid smoke, combustion is not sufficient, allow for rigid plastic residues. Silicone rubber seals burn virtually smoke-free, odorless, full combustion, the burning material is white powder.