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Superior properties of EPDM sealing strip

Superior properties of EPDM sealing strip
EPDM sealing strip as the polarity within the molecular structure substituents, cohesive energy between molecules, molecular chains can be used in a wide temperature range to maintain compliance. The chemical structure of ethylene-propylene rubber seal its Vulcanized products with unique properties.
1 low density filling: EPDM rubber is a less dense rubber, its density is 0. 8 7. Coupled with a lot of oil and add the filler-filled, thus reducing the cost of rubber products, make up the disadvantages of high prices for EPDM rubber and EPDM high Mooney value, high mechanical properties after filling lower amplitude.
2 anti-aging: ethylene-propylene rubber with excellent resistance to weather, ozone, heat, acid and alkali, steam, color stability, electrical resistance, oil-filled and liquid at room temperature. EPDM rubber products in 1 20 ℃ long-term use in the 1 50~200. C can be brief or intermittent use. Join the optimum antioxidant can raise its temperature. Peroxide Crosslinking of EPDM can be used under more demanding conditions. Ethylene-propylene-diene rubber in ozone concentrations 50x10~, stretch 30%, bounding up to 1 50 h above.
3 corrosion resistance: ethylene-propylene rubber due to lack of polarity, low unsaturated degree, so the various polar chemicals such as alcohol, acids, alkali, oxidant, refrigerants, detergents, animal and vegetable oils, ketone and fat has good resistance; genera but in fat and aromatic solvents (such as gasoline, benzene, and in mineral oil is less stable. In the presence of concentrated acid long performance to decline. In the ISO/TR7620 collection of nearly 400 kinds of corrosive gas and liquid chemicals for rubber properties information. Liu's EPR level 1 level more than more than 80 kinds of chemicals, ~ listing here.
4 steam resistance: ethylene-propylene rubber has excellent water resistance properties and superior heat resistance. Superheated steam at 230 c, almost 1 00 h no change in appearance. Fluorine fluorine rubber, silicone rubber, silicone rubber, butyl rubber, nitrile rubber, natural rubber, under the same conditions, after a very short time phenomenon looks obvious deterioration. 5 flexibility: EPDM-polar substituents in the molecular structure, low molecular cohesive energy, molecular chains can be used in a wide range of compliance, second only to natural rubber and butadiene rubber, and can still remain at a low temperature.
5 bonding: EPDM rubber due to the lack of active groups in the molecule, cohesive, easy to spray Frost plastic, viscous and sticky to each other very badly.
These are properties of EPDM sealing strip, can play an important role in the product.