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EPDM sealing strip figure

EPDM sealing strip figure

Many places use EPDM seals, EPDM sealing strip to identify issues of common concern, and now teaches you how to tell the EPDM sealing strip.
1. view the color view color, carefully observe the color of the rubber, lots of counterfeit goods is due to the low end, quality of rubber, so production sphere color is often gray, in order to avoid the experience is seen through the eyes of a. Most of them will be at the factory before, Oiled finish with black shoe polish on it, making it look black light. But the real production of EPDM rubber joint, pure color, slightly heavy. Not extremely light or extremely dark.
2. smells one way to taste its flavor is the best judge, and rubber composition containing vinyl, and rubber has a normal person will think that pungent smell. However, EPDM ethylene propylene polymer, and is a highly filled tie material, so after Vulcanized EPDM filled but not the pungent smell of rubber instead of replace is an aromatic taste. So as long as users keep an eye on is not difficult to work out real good.
3. touch the sense of touch, which you carefully lining of the friction of the rubber, it will feel smooth, because authentic EPDM high quality, expensive. Soft rubber joints produced particularly smooth in texture, and ordinary rubber touch feel far worse, there will be a touch rough skin feel.

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