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Silicone Seal Foam (Sponge)
Silicone Seal Foam (Sponge)
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Foam Seal Products The biggest features of anti-aging, good tensile strength, low product density, low heat transfer coefficient, excellent insulation effect, can save energy consumption, soft and good performance, easy to cut; Wide temperature range, good weather resistance, durable.
Detailed description of foam silicone

Silicone rubber sponge is used for applications requiring low temperature flexibility, heat resistance, UV resistance, ozone resistance and good electrical insulation properties. In addition, sponge silicone rubber has the characteristics of light weight, damping and heat insulation.There are now more intense market competition, The requirements of the product is also higher, compared with the dense rubber material, silicone rubber sponge because of its low density, you can save the material used to significantly reduce production costs.Traditional silicone rubber sponge production method is added in the compound Chemical foaming agent, vulcanization process, the decomposition of foaming agent at high temperature, resulting in bubbles, bubbles are wrapped in silicone rubber to form sponge holes. These traditional foaming agents may produce toxic byproducts.
Has developed a new closed-cell silicone rubber sponge technology, can replace the traditional reactive chemical foaming agent and volatile organic materials as a foam material processing sponge technology.New sponge technology using water as a blowing agent to form a uniform Of the sponge structure, which can be used in contact with food occasions.New technical sponge performance characteristics are:
(1) good resilience;
(2) compression set is small
(3) reduce the sponge production process of environmental control problems
(4) reduced the requirements for ventilation systems
(5) no bad smell
(6) easy to mold and extrusion
(7) smooth and uniform surface
(8) can be used in contact with food occasions
The sponge rubber may be open or obturated. The pore structure is determined by the structure of the open area connection (opening) or the individual sponge hole dispersed. The silicone rubber can be made into a perforated structure by means of a blowing agent. It is possible to form a closed-cell structure, and the foaming agent is heated to generate bubbles to form a pore structure, and a vulcanization reaction is carried out to crosslink the silica gel.
Some people reviewed the performance and cost advantages of microporous sponge, in addition to low sealing pressure, consistent shape, small density, light weight, the use of silicone rubber sponge temperature range is also wide (-60 ° to 250 ° long-term use, short-term At 400 °.) Compared to other rubber sponges, the operating temperature range is very wide. Traditionally, silicone rubber sponges are produced using peroxide vulcanization systems and foaming agents, in which the blowing agent releases some toxic by-products, In some cases, it is also possible to produce food grade silicone rubber sponges, but these materials may have process limitations and poor performance, including poor compression set and high density.
New technology Silicone rubber sponge with platinum vulcanization (addition vulcanization), water as a blowing agent. This new technology can produce a uniform pore structure, sponge odorless, the product surface is uniform, and the processing conditions are stable.

Silicone rubber sponge for many occasions, commonly used in areas of gaskets, office equipment (copiers, printers and fax machines) of the roller. Requires the use of food contact with the safety of consumer goods, including dishwashers and oven sealed, with lunch lunch box seal The
Solid rubber sealing force or matching force is too large and can not be used, sponge glue low density can reduce the cost of materials; need insulation, sponge rubber sealed in irregular surface contact, including insulation materials, sponge pad, sponge plate, sponge seal , Sponge cots and extruded sponge profiles.

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