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Silicone inflatable ring
Silicone inflatable ring
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A: silicone inflatable performance:
Silicone inflatable ring for sealing the gap between mechanical parts, inflated state of the expansion of the seal gap, deflated state of the retraction of the steel ring. Seal inflatable state with flexibility and plasticity, which can seal the size of different parts of mechanical equipment So that the gap can not make up for the traditional fixed seal local not tight defects. Silicone can withstand high temperature, tear resistance, in addition to strong acid and alkali reaction, not any other chemical medium, so it is ideal inflatable Sealing material. Can be made according to customer requirements circle or right angle box.
Second: use:
1) for the installation of a variety of mechanical equipment on the door, sliding doors, flanges for gas seals, noise seals, heat treatment seals, liquid seals, such as oven door steam seal, laboratory, clean room, For the noise isolation, freezer, building waterproof seal, truck rear door for mud seal, molding machine, coating machine for sand seal, pharmaceutical coating machine, isolator, washing machine, dryer sterile isolation operation , As well as glove leak detector for high efficiency sealed after the side leakage and so on.
2) installed in the material delivery pipeline valve to form a closed space for the delivery of powder, particles, liquid;
3) installed on both sides of the packaging conveyor belt to make the necessary control of the box;
4) for the production of electronic products, control and transport tools to do the necessary sealing.
Three: inflatable seal cross-sectional shape: round, square, rectangular, trapezoidal, M-shaped and so on.
Four: according to customer requirements into an inflatable seal ring, or four corners of the inflatable sealed box.
Five: valve material: stainless steel, brass. Can also be connected to the hose as the air inlet.
Six: color: according to the special requirements of customers made color (transparent), porcelain white, iron oxide red, yellow, blue and so on.
Seven: can be customized according to customer requirements any size.

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