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Hangzhou rubber and plastics metal products limited was founded 1998, the company covers an area of more than 5,000 square meters, is a set of silicone rubber products, auto rubber products, industrial rubber products, blow-molded, mold manufacturing, injection molding products, metal products processing enterprises. Professional production various EPDM sealed article, NBR sealed article, CR sealed article, NR sealed article, PVC sealed article, TPE sealed article, TPV, and TPU sealed article, machine Cabinet sealed article, doors and Windows sealed article, car rubber accessories, heater tube, rubber shock absorbers, rubber shock absorbers feet, rubber machine feet, rubber sealed circle, rubber buffer pad, O type circle, rubber pad, rubber method blue gasket, rubber article, rubber Board, rubber tube, silicone tube, silicone article, silicone hand ring, silicone flat pad, silicone products miscellaneous, silicone Board, Foamed silicone plates, rubber parts, custom mold processing.